Department of English Students Association

About Us

The Department of English Students Association (DESA) is a young and active student organisation based at the Faculty of Arts. We organise both social and academic events, provide a platform for publishing students’ work and help in making the student’s voice heard. Events organised in the past include public lectures, play readings, poetry events, movie marathons, parties, book sales, and most recently, book clubs.

DESA acts as a link between the student body and the Department of English, with the aim of facilitating communication between the students and the Department as well as to generate an active environment for students both on campus and outside University.


Executive 2017-18:

   President: Mireille Caruana

   Vice-President: Ylenia Attard

   Public Relations Officer: Kelly Mifsud Bonavia

   Events Officer: Terence Mifsud

   International Officer: Bettina Borg

   Text Editors: Melanie Zammit

   Third Year Representative: Helena Camilleri