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Paradise Sloshed | DESA’s After Exams Party

Paradise Sloshed | DESA’s After Exams Party

As second semester rolled around, you too suffered that “cruel desc’nt” which turned Satan from a bringer of light to a simple serpent. Yet as exams have passed you have been allowed the opportunity to return to the “happy fields” of Heaven.

The question is will you make a Hell out of Heaven or a Heaven out of Hell?

Choose your side by wearing those dark and dismal colours of Sinners or the celestial and bright colours of Saints. What you wear and who you are will decide your fate.

Your descent into the Beer Cave awaits.

An optional open bar is available for 20eu on the night from 21.00- 00.00. For tickets to benefit from this please contact a DESA member.

Watch this space for more info.

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