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Book Club | Call Me by Your Name by Andre’ Aciman

Book Club | Call Me by Your Name by Andre’ Aciman

A word, and then a page, and then a life.

The Department of English Students’ Association is starting a book club, for those interested in having a community to discuss contemporary literature with. If you’re passionate about books and interested in meeting people who share that fire, and if you desire to have your voice and opinions heard in an environment of intellectual discussion, this is not something to be missed.

A small welcome package of essentials will be given to each member. Students will also have the chance to win some fantastic prizes. As this is for your enjoyment as well as ours, attendance to each book club session is in no way compulsory, however a system shall be implemented to reward regular attendees for their diligence. Refreshments available, of course.

Fee: €2
Venue: TBA (University of Malta)

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